Wirral Archers Disciplinary Procedure

Reviewed May 2024

All members of Wirral Archers are expected to abide by the Club Constitution, rules, policies,
safety guidelines, risk assessments and by Archery GB rules of shooting:
Any transgression will be referred to the committee and dealt with according to this policy.
The committee have the right to expel, suspend, or withdraw privileges from any member of the
Club who it believes has acted in a manner seriously prejudicial to the safety of its members or
the interests of the Club or the sport of archery.
The field captain has the right to temporarily suspend the shooting rights of a member, should
they consider a serious infringement of safety guidelines to have taken place. This incident must
then be reported to the committee.
Disciplinary procedure

  1. The nature of the infringement will dictate the level of confidentiality required, with only the
    necessary involvement of other club members. However, the committee will document all
    applications of this procedure.
  2. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the incident the committee may choose to have
    an informal discussion with the member concerned. This would generally be conducted by the
    Club Chairman, Safeguarding Office, or the Club Secretary. Where appropriate the member
    concerned may be requested to attend a more formal meeting with the Executive Committee.
  3. Where it believes that a serious infringement or incident has occurred and following initial
    investigation into the incident, the Committee may:
    a. Expel the member from the club
    b. Suspend the member from all shooting and other rights within the Club including membership
    of the committee.
    c. Provide the member with written details of the reasons for that suspension within 14 days,
    together with a statement of its intended future actions.
    d. Request the return of any Club equipment or documents held by the member
  4. The member must respond to the Committee regarding their decision with 14 days, stating
    whether they:
    a. accept the Committee’s intended course of action
    b. request a meeting with the committee to discuss the allegation and/or challenge the
    committee’s course of action. If they request a meeting, they may be accompanied at that
    meeting and that person may speak on their behalf.
  5. Following such a meeting, the committee will review and may amend its decision. If the
    Executive Committee decides to expel the member, then no fees shall be refunded.
  6. Where the member in question is a junior all verbal communication shall be with a parent or
    guardian present; written communication shall be to a parent or guardian and they must be
    accompanied at any meetings by a parent or guardian.
  7. Where an allegation relates to child or vulnerable adult abuse the Club Child Protection
    Officer will follow the Archery GB policy on such allegations and the relevant authorities will be
    informed. All allegations will be dealt with in confidence.