Wirral Archers Constitution

(Revised May 2024)

  1. The name of the club to be Wirral Archers.
  2. Wirral Archers also includes Wirral Archers Junior Club, which exists for the purpose of
    affiliation to Archery GB.
  3. The aims of the club are:
    a. to provide a means for its members to practice and participate in all forms of
    archery with the bow (crossbow excluded); and
    b. to further the popularity and prestige of archery.
  4. The club will affiliate each year to the Archery GB, Northern Counties Archery Society
    and Cheshire Archery Association and shooting will take place in accordance with the
    rules and regulations of the Archery GB.
  5. The club will, where reasonably practicable and within health and safety guidelines, adopt
    and apply the principles of current equalities legislation.
  6. The Officers and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall
    hold office for two years without the need for re-election, they may stand down at any
    point in the election period. Any member then co-opted to a vacancy shall hold office
    until the next AGM, when formal nominations and election to the post shall take place.
    All posts shall be elected to biannually regardless of length of office.
  7. The affairs of the club shall be managed by the Committee, which shall meet at least once
    a quarter, or as necessary. This committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club (Chair,
    Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Records Officer) and between two and four ordinary
    members, any five to form a quorum. All members of the Committee shall be full senior
    members of the club.
    This constitution should be read in association Archery GB and County Constitutions and policies,
    which take precedence over the Club’s Constitution and policies.
    Applications for membership
  8. Admission to Wirral Archers shall be by majority approval of the Committee.
    Applicants would normally have successfully completed Wirral Archer’s beginners’
    course. Applications will also be considered from archers transferring from Archery GB
    registered clubs or who have successfully completed other Archery GB recognised
    beginners’ courses
  9. Membership forms must be completed on joining the club and again when annual
    subscriptions are due.
    Classes of membership
  10. Classes of membership shall be full senior member (over 18 years), junior member (under
    18 years), non-shooting member (over 18 years), student member (over 18 years, under 25 years and in full time education), associate senior member, associate junior, non-shooting life member, non shooting parent/guardian member and life member.
  11. Junior members will be affiliated to Archery GB through Wirral Archers’ Junior Club.
    a. Children under the age of 10 may be considered for membership at the discretion
    of the Committee only where one or more of their parents are already an experienced member of the club.
    b. Juniors over the age of 10, but under the age of 18, will be considered for
    membership at the discretion of the Committee.
  12. The club is also open to associate members (non-shooting) without the power to vote.
    Associate members will not be affiliated to Archery GB by Wirral Archers.
  13. At the discretion of the Committee, life members may be appointed.
    Terminating membership
  14. Members wishing to resign must give notice in writing to the Secretary.
  15. Membership can be terminated by the majority vote of the Committee. The club’s
    disciplinary procedure will be followed.
  16. If annual subscriptions are two months in arrears, standing order has been cancelled or
    annual renewal forms are not completed, membership will be deemed to have lapsed.
  17. Membership is by annual subscription. Subscriptions are due on 1st April each year and
    on election to the club.
    a. The annual subscription (full senior member, junior member, associate member,
    and student member) shall be determined at the annual general meeting. Fees shall
    be payable as an upfront payment or by monthly standing order.
    b. New members will also be required to pay a joining fee sufficient to cover
    affiliations including any outdoor ground fees.
    c. Lapsed members will be required to pay a re-joining fee.
  18. Life members will pay any applicable affiliation fees.
  19. Beginners will pay a course fee to be decided by the Committee. This fee will cover the
    hire of equipment and a course of instruction as agreed by the Committee and in
    accordance with current Archery GB guidelines
  20. Visitors will be allowed to shoot with the Club, with the consent of the Committee,
    if they are affiliated members of the Archery GB, or equivalent national association,
    but may be asked to pay a visitors’ fee.
  21. Members wishing to resign must give notice in writing to the Secretary. For members
    paying by monthly standing order the remainder of that year’s subscription will be due
    and immediately payable. No refunds will be given on subscriptions that have been paid
    in full.
  22. In the event of a Committee decision to terminate membership, no refunds will be
    given. For members paying by monthly standing order the remainder of that year’s
    subscription will be due and immediately payable.
  23. The Committee will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe
    the club rules, regulations, or constitution. The Committee will be responsible for
    taking any action of suspension or discipline following such hearings.
  24. The Committee will have the power to co-opt members of the club to vacant posts on
    the Committee, up to a maximum of two officer’s posts.
  25. The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer & Records Officer have the authority to
    create a Sub-Committee for any specific purpose in connection with the Club and can co-opt members of the club to such a committee.
  26. The Committee has responsibility for writing and adopting new policy, codes of conduct
    and amending club rules. The constitution can only be amended by a majority vote at an
    AGM or EGM.
  27. The Committee shall be responsible for the appointment of a Club
    Safeguarding Officer.
  28. Discretionary power is given to the Committee to make decisions in
    circumstances not covered by this constitution.
  29. A Bank Account shall be maintained in the name of the Club. All cheques and orders
    withdrawing monies from the Account shall be signed by any two of the Club Chair,
    Secretary or Treasurer
  30. The financial year to end on 5th April. Audited accounts to be presented at
    the AGM.
  31. The postal address of the club shall be that of the Secretary.
  32. Trophies – a list of club trophies and conditions for awarding them will held by the
    Records Officer. The Committee may amend the conditions of awarding trophies.
  33. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the end of March each year.
    a. At least 14 days’ notice of the meeting must be given to the members in writing.
    Notice will also include nomination forms to positions on the Committee.
    b. Any agenda items and proposed changes to the constitution must be put in writing
    to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM.
    c. Chair’s report, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s report, Records officer’s report,
    audited accounts and sub-committee reports shall be presented.
    d. Members of the Committee shall be elected by majority vote.
    e. The auditor for the coming year shall be appointed by election, must hold no other
    club office and have no close relationship to a club officer.
  34. Only full senior members and life members are eligible to vote at an AGM. The quorum
    for an AGM shall be 25% of the eligible voting membership.
  35. The Committee has the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting. The quorum
    shall be 25% of the eligible voting membership.
  36. An Extraordinary General Meeting may also be called on the signed request to the
    Secretary of 50% of the eligible voting membership, the request to state the business of
    the meeting. The meeting to be arranged within 21 days of such a request, were
    reasonably practicable. A quorum of 50% shall be required for an EGM called by the
  37. A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at a Special General Meeting
    convened by the Committee, through a majority vote of the eligible voting
    membership. The quorum for such a meeting shall be 75%.
  38. In the event of dissolution any assets of the club that remain will be donated to a charity