Photographing and Filming Children/Young People in Archery Policy

Reviewed May 2024


Wirral Archers is committed to providing a safe environment for children and young people. It is essential to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people from the inappropriate use of their images in media, on the internet and elsewhere.

Parents/Carers often want to be able to celebrate the achievements of their children and young people when taking part in sporting activities through taking photographs or films.  Wirral Archers wants to promote their activities to encourage increased participation. Wirral Archers does not advocate the banning of photography or the use of images of children and young people and recommends that appropriate safeguards should be in place to ensure a safe archery environment for them. This guidance will help to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people from the inappropriate use of their images. The guidance applies whether images are taken using cameras, mobile phones, or any other equipment. 

What are the potential concerns?

There have been concerns about the risks posed directly and indirectly to children and young people through the use of photographs and videos on sports websites and other publications.  Images can be used as a means of identifying children and young people when associated with personal information, e.g.  this is X who lives at Y; is a member of the Z Club and who likes a certain music group.  This information can make a child or young person vulnerable to an individual who may wish to start to contact and start to “groom” that child or young person for abuse – online (e.g. through websites or social networking), or through direct contact in the off-line, “real” world.  Information placed on the internet has also been used by estranged parents (e.g. in adoption or domestic violence circumstances) to identify, trace and cause significant difficulties for children and young people.  Also, the content of a photograph can itself be inappropriate, or be used or adapted for inappropriate use.  There is evidence of inappropriate or adapted material finding its way onto sites showing child and young people abuse images, and of inappropriate images being shared between groups of offenders. By being aware of the potential risks and taking appropriate steps, the potential for misuse of images can be reduced.

(Source: Archery GB)

Wirral Archers have developed this policy in relation to the use of images of children and young people on our website and social media with the aim of only having appropriate images published with both the child/young person’s permission and their parent/carer’s.

By being aware of the potential risks and taking appropriate steps, the potential for misuse of images can be reduced.

Wirral Archers Principles

  • The interests and welfare of Children and Young People is paramount;
  • Children, Young People and their Parents/Carers have a right to decide whether their images are taken and how these may be used;
  • Children, Young People and their Parents/Carers must provide written consent for their images to be taken and used;
  • Consent is only meaningful when the organisation ensures that children, young people and their parents/carers understand the nature of potential risks associated with the intended type, use and distribution of the images.

Wirral Archers Policy Guidelines:

  • Where possible Wirral Archers will not include the name of the child/young person who image is being used.
  • If naming a child/young person or a group of children in an image, WA will only use their first name, as this will reduce the risk of inappropriate, unsolicited attention from people within and outside of archery.
  • WA will avoid the inclusion of other detailed information about individual children/young people.
  • We will ask for the child/young person’s and their parent/carer’s written permission to use their image.  This ensures that they are aware of the way the image is to be used to represent archery.
  • WA will be clear about how and for how long images will be securely stored (including how access to the images, associated consents and other information will be controlled)
  • WA will only use images of children and young people in suitable dress/kit (including required or recommended safety wear) to reduce the risk of inappropriate use.
  • WA will only use images that positively reflect children and young people’s involvement in archery (e.g. showing smiling participants rather than anxious or unhappy ones) and promote the best aspects of archery
  • Reporting of inappropriate images or the use of inappropriate images, should be directed initially to the Safeguarding Officer/Deputy Safeguarding Officer/Chair/Secretary, in that order, or if this is not possible or appropriate, then to any other committee member. Safeguarding procedures must be followed, including reporting to Archery GB Lead safeguarding Officer, Social Services or the Police.

Guidelines for Use of Photographic Filming Equipment at Sporting Events

•   WA will provide a clear brief about what is considered appropriate in terms of images and behaviour

  • Issue the photographer with identification which must be worn at all times
  • Inform children, young people and parents/carers that a photographer will be in attendance at an event and ensure they consent to both the taking and publication of films or photographs which feature and clearly identity their child/young person (e.g. close ups, small group and team photographs);
  • At WA events, organisers and others will reasonably wish to take wide angle, more general photographs of the event, opening and closing ceremonies, etc.  Parent/carers, children/young people will need to understand that these types of images will be taken during, or at specific points in the event. It is not reasonable, practical or proportionate to require parental consents for taking these general types of images, which are not close up images.
  • WA does not allow unsupervised access to children/young people or one to one photographic sessions at events.
  • WA does not approve/allow photographic sessions outside the event or at a child’s/young person’s home.
  • If parents/carers or other spectators are intending to photograph or video at an event they will also be made aware of our policy and will be asked to register at an event if they wish to use photographic equipment.
  • Concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography should be reported to the event organiser or official/Safeguarding Officer/Deputy Safeguarding Officer and recorded in the same manner as any other child protection concern

Guidelines for Use of Photographic Filming Equipment by Parents/Guardians/

Spectators/Participants at Wirral Archers’ Events

  • If parents/carers or other spectators are intending to photograph or video at an event they should also be made aware of your organisation’s expectations;
  • Anyone who is intending to use photographic filming equipment should be asked to register at an event and copies of the Register should be retained for five years;
  • It is helpful for the event organisers to provide some indication e.g. a sticker for each registered camera, or badge to be displayed by the spectator to help others recognise those who have registered, and respond to those who do not appear to have registered;

Public information: the specific details concerning photographic/video and filming equipment registration should, wherever possible, be published prominently in event programmes and must be announced over the public address system, prior to the start of the event.

The recommended wording is: 

In line with the recommendation in the Wirral Archers Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy, the promoters of this event request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close-range photography should register their details with Event Organiser/Club Official at the spectator desk before carrying out any such photography.   If parents/carers have any particular concern about their child/young person being photographed or filmed they should notify the organisers 

The promoter reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the promoter’s conditions. 

If you are concerned about any photography taking place at this event, please contact the Event Organiser/Club Official/Safeguarding Officer/Deputy Safeguarding Officer, who will be pleased to discuss this matter with you.

At all Sessions:

At all times there is no intention to prevent Coaches and Teachers using videoing as a legitimate coaching aid. However, children/young people and their parents/carers should be aware that this is part of the coaching programme and consent to it. Care should be taken in the secure storage of such materials and films. If anyone has concerns that someone they do not know is using their sessions for photography or filming purposes, they should ask them to leave and contact their Governing Body or (depending on the nature of the concerns) the police for further advice. 

Photography and Filming Consent form (Form SCF 005, see;

Images of Elite Young Athletes:

As young athletes progress higher up the competitive ladder within their sport, elite level events are increasingly likely to take place in a public arena. Wirral Archers and Event organisers will quite reasonably seek publicity to positively promote their sport, and elite young athletes receiving endorsements or sponsorship may well welcome positive media coverage on a local, regional, or national level.  Wirral Archers and Organisers retain their duty of care to these athletes and a responsibility to safeguard them. In respect of some elite young athletes aspects of the more general guidance around the use of images detailed above (for example avoiding the inclusion of names and some other personal details alongside photographs) are neither practical nor desirable. 

It is important that other aspects of this guidance (for example about the nature, content and use of images; and about ensuring that photography sessions are supervised) are considered and applied. It is important for the athletes; their parents and media representatives to be clear about appropriate arrangements and ground rules for interviews, filming and photo sessions. Young elite athletes and their parents should be supported by the sports organisation and prepared to manage these and a range of other issues (including safeguarding concerns) that may arise as a result of their sporting success and increased public profile. 

Many sports governing bodies already provide information, guidance and support to help athletes manage the media, for example in planning for media interviews.