Complaints, Concerns &Suggestions Guidelines

Reviewed May 2024

Wirral Archers wish to promote a culture where it is safe and acceptable for club members and
others (parents/guardians for juniors and in the case of a vulnerable adult, their chosen
nominee) to raise any complaints or concerns. No individual should be victimised for raising a
Complaints or concerns should be referred to a member of the committee who will refer the
matter to the full committee, this can be verbal, written, message or email. It is our policy to
resolve complaints within a reasonable period. If the complaint or concern is about a committee
member, then the matter will be referred to a more senior member of the committee for action.
Similarly, any suggestions that members would like to be considered should be passed to a
committee member, who will put it to the full committee for discussion. We will aim to give
feedback after the next committee meeting.
Confidentiality will be maintained as appropriate.
Safeguarding is a different matter, please refer to our safeguarding and wellbeing page for