Club Rules

 Reviewed May 2024


1. General Rules 

1.1. All members of Wirral Archers are expected to abide by the club constitution, rules, safety and general guidelines, policies, and risk assessments. 

1.2. Club members shall always behave in a manner not likely to bring the club in to disrepute. 

1.3. It is the responsibility of all members to inform a member of the committee of any changes to their health that could be considered a disability. This will enable the committee to perform the necessary risk assessments and to make reasonable adjustments in line with current legislation. 

1.4. Any communications with hosts of club shooting venues should be done via a member of the committee. This will include any request of the host to make reasonable adjustments in the case of disability 

1.5. All Club members are expected to help with the setting up and dismantling of the shooting range. They are also expected to keep the club storage container in a tidy condition and to report any defects in club equipment to a member of the committee. 

1.6. For all Juniors, the membership form and annual renewal form will include an indemnity form which must be signed by the parent/guardian, the indemnity form to read as follows: “I, as the parent or guardian of …………undertake to be responsible for his/her actions whilst on the premises of Wirral Archers or their hosts.” The indemnity form may be waived in cases of archers classed as juniors, but who are able to evidence their independence from any parent or legal guardian. 

1.7. Parents of junior members must make themselves fully conversant with Archery GB Rules of Shooting and Wirral Archers’ club rules. (see link above)

2. Shooting Rules 

2.1. Shooting shall be controlled by whistle in line with current Archery GB guidelines and by a designated field captain, this can be decided from amongst those present at the start of shooting. The field captain shall be responsible for range safety during the shooting session. Archery is potentially a dangerous sport; safety is paramount and is everyone’s responsibility. 

2.2. A register of those shooting and of any visitors shall be kept in a form agreed by the committee and shall be kept by the Secretary. 

2.3. When shooting outdoors, the signs must be in place before any shooting commences, and the barrier in place to prevent vehicles driving onto the range.

2.4. Seniors. Senior archers must not shoot alone at the outdoor range. Experienced senior members may shoot in the presence of a responsible adult, who need not be an archer, but who must be aware of current safety guidance and must keep watch for members of the public trespassing on the shooting range. 

2.5. Archery GB rules of shooting state that when junior archers (archers under 18) are shooting individually or in groups they must be supervised by a senior adult member (excluding honorary members) of Archery GB and a second adult must be present. Wirral Archers Club rule is that a parent or guardian always accompanies a junior. This means that juniors may only shoot with a parent or guardian AND a senior member of Wirral Archers present. If the parent or guardian is also a shooting member, a second adult must be present who is conversant with club and Archery GB safety rules. If both adults are shooting, they MUST NOT shoot on the same detail. One adult MUST always keep a watch for safety. 

2.6. When shooting outdoors, ends shall be shot in two details. At no time should all archers shoot at the same time, those not shooting should keep watch for safety hazards especially members of the public trespassing on to the shooting range.  

2.7. Single detail shooting will be allowed indoors; however, safety must not be compromised. 

2.8. When searching for missing arrows, the archer concerned must inform their target companion, a neighbouring archer, or the field captain directly. The person informed must ensure the field captain is aware of the archer behind the target to prevent the whistle being blown to commence shooting. 

2.9. Should any arrows that have missed the target not be immediately found, the owner of the arrow must inform the field captain. Any missing arrows will then be looked for under the direction of the field captain and at the end of shooting, arrows still missing shall be recorded and reported to the committee, who will take the appropriate action, ensuring the Archery GB is notified. 

2.10. Club shooting equipment may be used by beginners who will be responsible for its safekeeping and return to the club hut after use each time, for a period agreed with the committee, following the end of the beginners’ course and full membership is taken out. Club shooting equipment may be lent to beginners with committee approval. 

2.11. Club target days – all days on which shooting is permissible at the club ground will be club target days shot under Archery GB Rules of Shooting.